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See the information below regarding our internship program for prospective pastors and/or church leaders.



Faith Fellowship is a church committed to living according to God’s sufficient and authoritative Scriptures that proclaim the church to be God’s avenue for proclaiming the gospel and declaring His glory. To that end, we are seeking interns whose lives are characterized by obedience (both publicly and privately) to God’s Word,
and who are committed to faithfulness and dedication to disciple-making and building God’s church.

The purpose of the FFC Internship Program is that the pastors and future leaders may gain an opportunity to reflect on the nature of a healthy/biblical church and the roles/responsibilities of the shepherds whom God calls.
The goal of the internship program is greater than building and staffing ministries within FFC.

Faith Fellowship Church is a biblical counseling church. Therefore, you can expect your internship to be
flavored by that commitment. Life in a biblical counseling church involves the transforming of our facility into at times a training conference ground, and at times a biblical counseling center where offices become counseling rooms. In addition to gaining a practical understanding of church ministry, you will receive a biblical view
of one-one ministry to hurting lives.

Interns who are accepted into the program are expected to join the church as a member,
signing our Church Covenant. They are expected to comply with the work outlined in the internship
description and are offered housing and a weekly stipend. Acceptance into the internship program and/or completion of the internship program in no way implies affirmation of anyone’s sense of call to ministry,
and interns are not to expect future employment at FFC.

Future pastors or church leaders who are interested in the FFC internship program are asked to contact
(716) 759-6632 prior to submitting an application.

Thank you for your interest in the FFC Internship Program. Wherever God leads you to serve, may your life be devoted to the ministry of God’s church for God’s glory.

For more details, please be sure to read the Internship Program Description and review the
Internship Program Application.

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